Time for a Change?

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As the world of travel changes so does the business of travel. More and more experienced travel consultants are making the move to independence and self employment by creating their own travel brokering business. 

If this sounds like you, we can offer a positive environment that encourages participation, a work-life balance, a strong sense of belonging and support, and fun!




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Becoming a Travel Broker with World Travellers Christchurch City means you will: 

  • be 100% mobile to reach your clients your way
  • enjoy earnings that reflect your ability, experience, sales skills, sales volume and database that you put in to your business
  • be rewarded with top commission earnings through our World Travellers contract agreements
  • enjoy flexible work hours to complement the other priorities in your life
  • be supported with your IT
  • have marketing support and mentoring to tap in to
  • have access to a free hot desk in a shared office for client meetings
  • enjoy support and communication with others in our travel broker network
  • have access to our dedicated Travel Broker Manager



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 Working remotely opens up opportunities for you to cut daily commuting to an office by working from home. You can meet your clients at a place and time to suit you both and clear your emails at a time that fits your schedule, wherever you are.  Let’s face it, clients will call you any time and you want to be there for them.  But when they don’t need you, that’s time you can spend doing other stuff.


Love the Teamwork

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The World Travellers Christchurch City team is led by Larry Lumsden, our Managing Director. Larry’s been in the industry for yonks and was one of the maverick ex-United Travel owners who broke away from United and created the new World Travellers brand in 2009.  He was a Director of United Travel for several years and became a foundation Director of World Travellers, including a few years as Chairman.  So he “gets it” that making big changes can be challenging but firmly believes that with support and determination, positive changes can be super exciting.  After a few years’ break, Larry is now back on the World Travellers Board as Deputy Chair.

Larry and the admin team are right here to help take the pain out of your day to day administration and payments to suppliers.


Our Buying Power

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World Travellers Christchurch City is a fully independent travel business that is at the same time one of the leading players in the World Travellers Co-Operative.  One of our major supply contracts is with Flight Centre New Zealand which ensures we’re getting the best deals, best availability, the best air and land experts on hand for assistance with tricky itineraries, fares and cruise product.  We are accredited agents of all the key suppliers including TTC, APT, Viva Expeditions, Globus etc.  As you would expect!


We’re Bonded with TAANZ

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We are fully TAANZ bonded and IATA accredited.  World Travellers Christchurch City is owned by family business, Tourism Development Ltd.  The Directors are Larry Lumsden and Linda Jenkins who together have more years in the travel and tourism industries than they care to divulge.  Let’s just say many multiple decades, including senior management and governance roles in the wider industry.

As a foundation member of the World Travellers network of some 24 travel agency businesses, World Travellers Christchurch City actively engages with and supports the wider network.  In turn that translates in to positive, uplifting support for you.


Our Vision

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COVID-19 has changed our world.  This offers the opportunity to bring together like-minded travel industry professionals who work independently yet are integral to a wider, energetic and focused team.

As a business World Travellers Christchurch City envisages the steady growth of our broker team, with the owners’ priority being to enable each individual team member to reach their professional aspirations.  This is an industry where everyone works incredibly hard, deserves to reap the rewards and have fun along the way in a supportive environment.  Time to make the change?  Talk with us!


Getting the Electronic Word Out

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Effective communication with your clients is crucial to your success.  We can help you with that!

Through Campaign Monitor we send out weekly electronic newsletters with product updates, snippets of news, travel tips and tricks and special deals.  These can be customised so they look like they’re coming from you.  Add your own personal message and feature a photo of yourself in one of your favourite places.  This keeps your message personal to you, showcases your knowledge, builds loyalty and trust with your clients, yet takes out all the hard work for you of sourcing products and deals.  You’ll have more time to follow up leads, look after your customers and manage the all-important sales!


Your Website Presence

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Of course you know and we know it’s crucial to have an online presence.  Within our main World Travellers Christchurch City all our Travel Brokers are featured on our Meet the Team page.  As well, you can have your own personalised web page that features you, your favourite destinations, your experience and service offering. 


Social Media

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Yes, like it or loath it, effective social media reach is integral to business success.  World Travellers Christchurch City has its own Facebook page which regularly features deals, updates, destination highlights etc.  As a Travel Broker you can have your own World Travellers FB page which we can feed from the marketing team.  And of course you can do your own personal posts as well.  Easy for you.  And keeps you in the social media space.


Ready for Change?

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Be bold, be decisive, be strong.  And let’s keep it simple. 

Contact Larry on and let’s get the conversation started.