Refer a Friend And Earn Rewards!

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 At World Travellers Christchurch City we love getting referrals from our clients. 

Quite simply, they help us grow our business. 

But referrals are also testament that what we do for our clients is so good that they feel confident to refer us to their friends.  That gives us a nice, warm fuzzy feeling!

By simply referring a friend to us, you will earn a $50 credit towards the next trip you book with us.

AND, your friend will receive a $50 credit towards the cost of their trip when they book with us.


Here’s how it works:
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Am I eligible to refer a friend?

Yes!  If you have travelled with World Travellers Christchurch City you can refer your friends to us at any time and earn rewards.  You’ll know which friends are thinking about travelling, just give them a friendly shoulder tap and tell them about us!

Is my friend eligible for the reward?

Yes! You can refer anyone who hasn’t previously travelled with us.  It will help sweeten the deal for them, that’s what good friends are for!

How can I claim my reward?

Just email your World Travellers Christchurch City Travel Advisor with your friend’s contact details and we can take it from there.  When your friend books with us and spends over $1000* per person we’ll let you know that you have a $50 credit on your file for the next exciting adventure you book with us.  Because we know you’ll want to travel again!

When do I get my reward?

Once your friend has made confirmed travel bookings with us, we will lodge the $50 credit on your file.  This credit is valid for 24 months.

When does your friend get his/her reward?

Your friend will get his/her reward at the time of making a new booking.  A $50 credit will be deducted from the trip cost.  Minimum trip spend $1000 per person (excluding taxes, insurance, food funds etc).

 What happens if my friend cancels their booking?

If your friend cancels their trip the $50 credit will be withdrawn if any refunds are due.  However, if your friend rebooks within 6 months of the cancellation date, the $50 credit will be reapplied.

You will still receive your reward because we know that cancellations are never planned!

Important Info

The Refer a Friend programme can be withdrawn at any time.

The credit for both the Referrer and Referee  is valid on the trip-only price (minimum spend $1000pp) and does not include taxes, food funds, insurance or other miscellaneous items.

The $50 credit cannot be redeemed for cash.