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Whether you want World Travellers Christchurch City to arrange that “impossible” experience or tailor-make a perfect trip, we understand it’s the personal touches that create life-long memories.

Because our travel advisors are travellers too, we will work alongside you to create seamless holiday and journey plans which far exceed what you could achieve on your own – and we’ll add those inspirational flourishes which turn any destination into a unique experience.

Although we’re really privileged to live in New Zealand, our travel experts here at World Travellers Christchurch City are all passionate people who believe in the magic of travel and understand the thrill of new experiences.

Our globe-trotting means we have the inside story on destinations as varied as weekend getaways to Sydney, trekking holidays in Spain, South America and South-east Asia, expeditions to Africa or river cruises through Europe – and we are an accredited ICCA agent (International Cruise Council of Australasia) so we have access to the best cruising deals worldwide.



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We’re not only travel specialists – we’re globe-trotters too. And that means each of our travel planners is passionate about seeing the world, discovering new experiences and then letting you in on our secrets.

Every travel advisor has a unique area of expertise depending on their training and their travels – that’s why we collect all their thoughts, tips and tales together on our blog.

And that combined experience shows the magic of travel – how so many cultures, landscapes, experiences and people can come together to give you all the information you need to create your own different stories.


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In today’s fast-paced world your leisure time is at a premium, so before, during and after your journey, our World Travellers travel advisors go the extra mile to save you time – and your blood pressure!

We’ll do the research on your itinerary and tailor a unique experience
We’ll scour the internet and our own connections to find the best value
We’ll enhance your experience by calling on our own travels and those of other World Travellers
We’ll be on call 24/7 to deal with any challenges before, during or after your journey – wherever you are in the world, we’re only a phone call or email away.
We are well established travel professionals who understand every travel experience requires a unique approach. That’s why for every individual holiday or business trip that we organise on your behalf, we’re happy to act as your personal concierge looking after tickets, itineraries, insurance and visas – even inspiration for one-off events which you might not have considered. 




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Because we work closely with you to create your unique travel experiences, it’s only natural that we get to understand what makes you tick. And that’s why so many of you come back to us time and time again.
World Travellers Christchurch City enjoys more than 90% repeat and referral business from people who understand our knowledge comes from a nationwide network of travel professionals with a wide and varied range of expertise including weddings, adventure, diving, fishing, foodie travel, biking, hiking, and cruises.
And, of course, the more relationships we build, the more we can use our customers' travel experiences to enhance yours – we’ll even talk to them and find out their recommendations.




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Every World Travellers store is 100% owned and operated by Kiwis who belong to the fastest growing travel cooperative in New Zealand. We are more than just a travel agency, we are well established travel professionals who have developed our own unique brand dedicated to world travellers just like you.  There are currently some 30 World Travellers stores throughout New Zealand, from the Far North to the south.






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The internet has brought even the most remote places on to our desktops – but it takes expert travellers to bring the right information for you to go out and experience them. That’s why we’ve compiled blogs from our travel consultants, our World Travellers clients, our travel specialist suppliers and our resident travel experts.

These opinions, thoughts, advice and stories – from Kiwis just like you – provide insights and inspiration for your own travel experiences and create a great research tool for your next journey.
So when you return from your next trip, we'd love to hear about it, so we’ll be in touch to welcome you home and hear all about it.

 World Travellers Christchurch City is owned by Tourism Development Ltd, a well -established family business with a passion for travel and customer-focused, high touch service.  We also have an office further south; World Travellers Wanaka.

So whatever your next journey - whether you’re planning a major family expedition, a quick getaway over The Ditch or need an itinerary for a business trip - meet one of our travel experts at our store at 370 Durham Street North (with on-site client parking),  call us on 03 961 6862 or email us via the website or christchurch@worldtravellers.co.nz.



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All World Travellers stores and Mobile Consultants are full members of The Travel Agents' Association of New Zealand (TAANZ), a trade organisation representing the travel agent and tour operator distribution system in New Zealand.

As there is no government licensing for travel agents in New Zealand, World Travellers members must be TAANZ approved before they can qualify to carry the World Travellers brand, as TAANZ is the only regulatory organisation promoting quality standards, service and performance in New Zealand.

TAANZ works with its members to promote a Code of Ethics and Practice, and to stimulate, encourage and promote the desire to travel. They also work with the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO) to train staff in the skills required for the 21st century - customer relations, selling skills, ecommerce, new technology, the law and the travel industry.

All TAANZ members must meet strict membership and financial criteria and be subject to an annual financial review by an independent Bonding Authority. All members participate in the TAANZ Bonding Scheme for the protection of the consumer. World Travellers relies on this stringent annual review process to ensure all stores remain viable, profitable and professionally managed.

Put simply, World Travellers are approved travel professionals, giving you the confidence that your travel funds are safely protected under an independent bond, and that the people you're dealing with are proven experts in their field.

Learn more about TAANZ here, including some great travel tips!


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Our reputation for quality is a competitive advantage. It is an advantage we guard carefully, taking responsibility for our part in maintaining the trust of our customers to deliver only the highest quality travel products and services.

We are committed to:

Consistently satisfy and surpass customer expectations

Produce and supply safe quality travel

Fully comply and support industry qualifications, certifications and requirements
Right wrongs and put our customer first every time
Engage with quality suppliers at competitive market prices