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Apps and in-flight entertainment systems


Apps and in-flight entertainment systems

Happily, we travel in an age where most long-haul (and short-haul) flights include an in-flight entertainment system.  It’s worth noting and therefore investigating into whether the airline you travel on includes this as seat-back entertainment, or if you need to download their in-flight system, via an app to the device you’d like to use during your flight. If you don’t download to your device prior to travel, you won’t be able to use it.

A few airlines, on their short-haul, or domestic networks do have in-flight entertainment where you’d need to download and activate the app before you go to the airport…along with charging your device (iPad, laptop, iPhone etc) is Virgin Airlines, United, Hawaiian Airlines, AA, Qantas etc. So take a look before you go and make the most of your travel experience.   I’ve found the entertainment on offer to be excellent so don’t miss out!


To manage your flight booking, I also recommend loading your flights onto the relevant airline app, Air NZ, Qantas, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar (well most airlines are very good really) all have excellent apps where you can load your flight booking and be kept up to date by the airline of all things relevant to your trip.  World Travellers itineraries may have a few different reference so check with your agent as to the correct one to use for your airline and get yourself familiar with your booking. It also gives you a little more control over seating and adding more contact details for the airline.  




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