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Paris to Prague Avalon River Cruise


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My husband and I travelled with Avalon Waterways on 2017 summer from Paris to Prague, that summer cruise is our life time experience, all the beautiful views, things we did, wonderful meal we had, all the amazing people we met have become highlight for our 2017 summer.

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They say river cruise is only for people over 60, we travelled with them on our mid-30 of age, and still enjoy it so much. Different from ocean cruise, river cruise is much smaller and you will have more chill time. When we were experiencing sailing morning that is my time to go to the gym or read my book or just simply sit in my room to see the view goes by. Comparing with ocean cruise, river cruises do not have huge multi shows at night, what we had is classic music, wonderful singers and some dancing time. Yes, it is quite relax and a lot of me time. However, I still think it is for everyone, the main reason is about fun excursions.

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Fun excursions

Avalon Waterways offers many excursions of which are no additional cost for participants, mostly walking/bus tours with lots of information and minimal pressure.  However, two optional excursions, which are, truly wowed us with their passionate guides and small group format. Those tours really offer travelers an intimate chance to experience many of the cultural delights that Europe has to offer.

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Tour of Trier

Trier is a southwestern German city in the Moselle wine region, near the Luxembourg border, which has 2000 years of history. Founded by the Romans, it contains several well-preserved Roman structures like the Porta Nigra gate, the ruins of Roman baths, an amphitheater just outside the center and a stone bridge over the Moselle River. Our local tour guide is a professor of architecture; she also is full of passion about history. During that three hours tour, she amazingly passed a lot of knowledge, stories and legends of this historical city to us, it made Trier living in my mind vividly.

Hiking in Miltenberg

Miltenberg is a town in the Regierungsbezirk of Lower Franconia in BavariaGermany. It is the seat of the like-named district and has a population of over 9,000. With our local full of sense of humor guide, we did a 2 hours hike up the hills and through the forests along a Roman path. I still remember the magnificent view from the top of the hill, I still remember the funny local guide using his lovely way to tell us what Miltenberg history is, I also still remember the wonderful taste of Miltenberg sausage at the end of our hike.

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Traditionally, river cruises have been linked to people over 60 indeed, however that has been changing for years, especially because of the great variety of products that river cruise operators offer today and variety of excursions they offer on board, I believe river cruise has endless possibilities.


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