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Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires

A vast city of 3 million people, though during the week a further 2 million people commute into and out of the city to work.

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Buenos Aires is made up of 48 different neighbourhoods. A few of the more famous are:

 Recoleta – with this 50,000 square metre cemetery – you could easily spend half a day wondering around this cemetery looking out all the beautiful tombs.  Eva ‘Evita’ Peron was finally laid to rest here in 1976, 26 years after her death.  Her tomb is the easiest to spot – just look for all the people! There is also an arts and crafts market located right outside the cemetery and local Catholic Church on a Sunday.

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San Telmo – this neighbourhood is quite small with narrow, cobbled streets.  If you are lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires on a Sunday then you must check out the San Telmo markets (including an antiques market, they seem to go on for ever.

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And La Boca, which used to be where everyone lived until Yellow Fever spread through the area.  Those rich enough to move to the northern neighbourhoods did and the poorer immigrants moved into tenement housing.  Being a poorer neighbourhood the residence used the left over paint for the nearby port to paint their houses and to this day, they are still painted very brightly.

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Some of the other place you will spot when doing a tour of the city are Floralis Generica (a 20 ton metal Tulip that opens and closes with the sun), Palermo (where all the Embassy are located and is a very popular place for restaurants, cafes and night life), Colon Theatre, El Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore (name the ‘The 2nd Most Beautiful Bookshop’ in 2008 by The Guardian – located in an old theatre), Tortoni Café (the oldest café in Buenos Aires), May Square, the 9th July Avenue ( the widest in the world at 144 metres across), the Pink Palace (where the Presidential offices are) and the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, where Pope Francis used to perform Mass.

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A must while visiting Buenos Aires is to attend a Tango Show and dinner.  A great experience watching some amazingly talented dances and beautiful food – the steak especially!

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Asado Experience – This was an interactive dining experience where the chefs talk to you about the different cuts of meat and how they are going to cook it, before doing so in front of you – a little bit like at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant where the chef cooks your food in front of you.

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