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Gold Coast Theme Parks


Heading to the Gold Coast for a holiday and wanting to spend some time at the Theme Parks?  Here is a handy hint for when I comes to validating your 7-Day Super Pass.


If you’ve hired a car for your holiday and are heading south from Brisbane Airport to Surfers Paradise you might like to consider stopping of at either Movieworld and Wet’n’Wild on your way.  By doing this outside of the usual peak entry times (i.e. first thing in the morning before the Theme Parks open) you will generally miss the big queues.


You need to exchange your pre-paid voucher for your actual entry pass, this needs to be done at the gates of either Movieworld, SeaWorld or Wet’n’Wild.   This process can take a bit of time, especially if you have a family in tow -  you are looking at around at least 10-15 minutes once you reach the ticket booth.  Each person needs to have their photo taken at the booth and then is then loaded onto the individual passes.


Once you have your pass-in-hand you easily enter all three Theme Parks without having to queue at a ticketing booth.





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