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I was in Singapore in August 2010 and was just amazed at how much it had changed in the 10 years that it had been since I was there last.

Of the many attractions on offer in Singapore here are a few that I did:

Orchid Gardens – there is an amazing amount of orchids on displace. I was amazed at how much land the Gardens are set on. I found it particularly interesting watching the locals due their Tai-chi etc. I would definitely recommend going first thing in the morning before it gets too hot.

Night Safari – a definite must do while you are in Singapore. From the comfort of a multi-carriage tram you get to see an amazing variety of animals at the Safari. The commentary was excellent with the opportunity to hop off the tram at any one of a number of stops and follow the pathways to get a better view of the animals.


This is also where I had the pleasure (if you could say that) if having my feet nibbled by fish!!!! It was quite an unnerving sensation, a bit little having intense pins and needles in your feet. The fish feed on dead skin on your toes, feet and legs

Singapore Zoo/breakfast with the Orangutans – what an experience, you can feed the elephants, before going to the open-air restaurant for a buffet breakfast – there was an amazing amount of food to choose from. Once people start arriving for breakfast the Orangutans make their way to their perches just outside the open air restaurant. You have to chance to have your photo taken with the Orangutans, which are available for purchase or have one of the staff members take a photo with your camera. The zoo keepers also bring snakes and other animals around the tables and there are little monkeys in the tree as well. You then have the opportunity to go around the rest of the zoo to see all the other animals.

Chinatown – a maze of side-streets with both day and night markets of everything from watches, slippers, hats and clothes etc. There are also food streets with lots of different choices.

Chimes – is housed in what used to be a monastery. You walk in through the original building, at street level, to many restaurants and bars. There are lots of trees and at night is it nicely lit with fairy lights in the trees. You can precede to the lower level to more restaurants and big screen TV’s – that were playing soccer matches etc while we were there. There was a variety of restaurants to choice from – Australian bars to Chinese etc.

Marina Bay Sands – We were given the opportunity to have a look around the brand new Marina Bay Sands hotel – just spectacular. On the 57th floor is the SkyPark with restaurants, infinity pool that overlooks Singapore so you have the most amazing view and an observation deck. The hotel connects to the Singapore Convention Centre and Casino, Art Museum, 200 shops and Theatres that seat 4000 guest.



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