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2 Jul 2019

You may ask WHAT is leaf-peeping? It’s a term used in North America given to all the people that visit and photograph the fall foliage as the leaves change colours in the autumn months.  Areas such as New England, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire and parts of Canada see thousands of visitors every season to take in this wonder.

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Only this area and part of Japan get colours like these, and it is well worth the visit.  The colours are absolutely amazing.  Reds, Purples, Yellow and orange hues with a vibrancy I’ve never seen before.  

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While there’s no set date to guarantee the best view, the ideal time to usually around mid-October.  The colours change daily and the peak starts north and comes down the country. 

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There are many different trees that make up the fall foliage.  I found the maples had the most vibrant colours when I visited but there are also Ash, Aspen and Birch trees to name a few. 

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This is big business in these areas so if you are a little more flexible with your time, there are apps and websites to track the best times to visit, and even a fall foliage hotline for daily reports on the status of the foliage

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A self-drive itinerary or a coach tour that in-corporates travel through some of these areas are ideal ways to experience this as part of your holiday.



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