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 Google Translate

Load the app into your phone while you’ve got wifi (or at home before you leave) and you can use this while you travel without using data or roaming for it to work.

We used the camera function to hover over labels, menus and signs, and while it wasn’t always perfect (and sometimes it was hilarious!) it definitely gave us enough to work with when needed!


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 Take medication with you

Unfortunately I picked up a cold when I arrived in Tokyo and the paracetamol and ibuprofen I brought with me didn’t last very long. If you are trying to find medication in Japan be warned that nothing is in English. Better to be prepared before you leave home and take  with you what you’ll think you’d need while on holiday. With some miming and online research I was able to finally get something locally which did the trick.

Also, if you travel with prescription medication please speak with your doctor before you travel about the best way to manage your needs which you’re away


 Choose your hotel

Tokyo is very large, but it’s a very easy city to get around using the trains. Perhaps think of a hotel location around the plans you have for your time in Tokyo and where you’ll be the most ‘central’. We stayed in Shinjuku which was a great location for what we were doing. Our hotel included breakfast which took away the hassle in the morning and many hotels will even provide sleep-wear!

Our hotel even provided a Sharp “Handy” device which was basically a Japanese cell phone that we could use free of charge during our stay.  You could make calls on it and use the internet but we used Google Maps a lot to get around.  No need to use our data or roaming plans from home while we had this!


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 Embrace technology…even in weird places

Toilets in Japan will be more advanced than your washing machine at home! With heated seats, noise blocks and various wash options, it’s common-place in hotels and public restrooms. A bit of  a novelty for us, but it’s a normal part of everyday life in Japan.


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 Skin Care – Beauty Products

Japan is a mecca for these products. Once again there isn’t much English, so you will need to do your research – there are plenty of top 10 web sites to show you the way. Face masks, bath salts, moisturisers, sunscreen and make-up. The Choice is endless!






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