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Two of the Best Street Markets in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is a city that knows how to do amazing street markets that are brimming with energy, creativity, music and fun.  They add colour and sizzle to a Buenos Aires itinerary, are easy to find and provide wonderful opportunities for snapping up some well priced momentos to take home as a reminder of your vacation.

San Telmo Market (Feria de San Telmo)

Open every Sunday, this market was recommended by our tour guide and it certainly lived up to its reputation.  It was just a US$5 cab ride from our hotel in Recoleta. 

LJ San Telmo Market 1

Spread around a central plaza, the market featured a vast array of stalls with antiques and knick knacks which are typically not the “take home” list, but these were complemented by 2 cobbled street blocks of colourful stalls selling local leather ware, textiles, clothing, belts, wood ware, jewellery as well as the usual souvenir tee shirts.  Surrounded by historic buildings, San Telmo bursts with personality.

LJ San Telmo Market 3

Leather Goods

Yes, a bit touristy, but colourful and vibrant, street musicians, tango dancers and excellent options for a local empanada snack or lunch. We had a tapas lunch which was delicious.  There is a high police presence to deter pick pockets, but watch your stuff all the same.

 LJ San Telmo Market 4

The Hat Makers! 

Recoleta Market (Feria de Recoleta)

Happening Saturday and Sunday, noon until 6pm, we happily connected with this market late afternoon.  Located in Plaza Francia, circling the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Art) the focus of this market is more on art and handcrafts which are a bit more high end.

LJ Recoleta Market 4

The green lawns of the plaza offered a relaxing space for families to picnic and friends to meet, there are ample street food offerings and live entertainment throughout the afternoon.  Clearly a popular place for locals to congregate and for visitors to rub shoulders with the artists.

LJ Recoleta Market 2


So our free day in Buenos Aires was one of market sightseeing which was one of the many high points of our vacation to experience the colours of Argentina.


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