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Larry recently visited Vanuatu

Vanuatu is only 3 hours flying time from Auckland and is an easy option for a short island stay.


We spent 5 nights at Iririki Island, which is located within the Port Villa port area, and only 5 minutes from Port Villa shopping centre.

Iririki has plenty to offer with two fantastic restaurants both offering a wide variety of food options. The French cuisine puts Vanuatu ahead of some other Pacific Island resorts but if you want something different then pop across on the ferry to one of the bistro bars on the Port Villa water front. larry van

There are several delightful pools on Iririki for those with children to watch and there is beach swimming and snorkelling for those that want to snorkel the nearby reefs. Water sports, day spa and gym/fitness are all available on Vanuatu.

The Moorings Hotel and Mangoes Resort both offer very comfortable resort style accommodation with easy access to Port Villa. The Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa offers some of Vanuatu’s finest accommodation looking out across the Erakor Lagoon and only 10 minutes from Port Villa.

There are many other attractive options only minutes from Port Villa and many face on to the lagoon. If you go further out, then they can offer a true remote pacific island experience with world class snorkelling and diving. For more detail check out Espiritu Santo and Turtle Bay Lodge or Coral Quays Resort.


The Vanuatu people are warm and friendly and are recognised as the most hospitable of all of the island nations. To say that ahead of the Fijian’s is indeed high esteem. I certainly found them to be carefree and fun loving, but they understand the importance of tourism to their nation and they will treat you very well.

If you are thinking of something a little different from the usual then give Vanuatu a second thought. There is something there for everyone. World Travellers Christchurch City can offer you a range options to meet your budget needs.



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