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What do you know about Mongolia?

What do you know about Mongolia?

Not much – me neither, so I jumped at the  opportunity to take a look.

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Mongolia is so much  more than a passing glance from the Trans Mongolian Train.

Sandwiched between China and Russia, a landlocked sovereign State, known as the  ‘Land of the Eternal Blue Sky”  

So with that in mind, photos are awesome with the sky as your backdrop.

 Interesting, strange and wonderful  aspects  that make  Mongolia  such a special destination.

Learning the history of Chinggis(or Gengis)  Khan 1162 – 1227 Mongolian founding father.

Passing  through  the  vast  Gobi Desert with mobs of healthy looking horses with foals at foot and
              wonder how they survive  in such a harsh landscape.
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Our visit to Gorkhi-Terelj NP and  overnight  stay in the Ger  was my kinda camping!

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My personal  favorite  thing was the Mongolian traditional music and dance at the Theatre Tumen Ekh in Ulaanbaatar,
              especially the traditional Throat singing. Just can’t explain it! I regret not paying to be able to take photo’s as so much going on.

 Generally not such a fan of museums but The National Museum of Mongolia, just off  Chinggis Khan Square in Ulaanbaater would be one of the best museums I have ever visited.

It goes from the beginning of time, Chinggis Khan’s  creation of the Mongol Empire, to the huge effect that the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 had on molding the  Mongolia of today.

 The capital Ulaanbaater  shares  the honor of the world’s  coldest capital cities with Moscow and Ottawa.

Winter average -30  Summer 25 Deg.  So pack wisely with warm clothes.

 The money is confusing  - Local currencies is the Tögrög or Tugrik MNT  -  best exchanged at  large banks in the largest cities.

USD1.00  = 2453.00 MNT      EUR1.00  = 2786.00 MNT      GBP1 = 3113.00     NZD1.00  =  1628.00 MNT

Happy to except USD or EUR  and  Credit cards in the larger shops and  Restaurants but use

Local cash in smaller places.

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