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          Where do we start…the choice is endless. A long list of activities that change daily, multiple pools, dining options, shows and day spa to name a few.   You can do as much or as little as you want!

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So how do I decide what to do?


 There were multiple ways our cruise ship was able to help us plan our time on holiday and communicate with us

 -          Announcements via the speaker system with important notices regarding embarking and disembarking

-          TV in our room provided destination videos and information on our port stops and there were presentations on some of the destinations that you could attend while onboard

-          The ‘Daily Patter’ outside our room was a paper version of the daily happenings on the cruise. All the activities on board, weather forecasts, info on where we were going, restaurants and open hours of the service desks for each day– see our example below

-          And that’s not all, there is an online version of the patter. We were able to log into the Princess Cruises website on our smartphone (while in airplane mode) and access all activities info, check our onboard account, see/book excursions. And we could even order breakfast to our cabin one morning when we had an early start.

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Shore Excursions

-          You have a good chance to look over what shore excursions on offer before you leave home. One of our top tips is if there is a tour you REALLY want to do is that you lock it in so you won’t miss out.

-          When you get onboard you will get vouchers and information on meeting times for your booked excursions. It’s all really straight-forward. If you’d prefer to wait until you’re onboard before you book you can either do this at the excursions desk or fill in the paper forms found in your cabin. And of course there’s the online option!

-          You could choose from either English or Japanese speaking shore excursions on our cruise.  You may find your cruise offers more than one language so make sure you book the right one!     

-          There were some places where the shore excursions didn’t grab us so we were able to pre-pay for a shuttle – this mostly took us to the main station. Super easy and it was charged to our onboard account.  We were then able to use the information we’d gathered onboard and researched before we left to “do our own thing” for the day


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 Formal nights vs Casual eating – you decide what you’d like to attend, it’s not compulsory to attend the formal evenings, but it’s nice to get dressed up, or even people-watch.  There was music, champagne and photographers around the Atrium area to make for a fun night.


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It was a great part of our Japanese experience to see that the Diamond Princess offers a Japanese feel onboard with offers such as Kai Sushi (specialty restaurant), and the Izumi Japanese Bath as special features on the ship.     




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