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21 Mar 2019

Why consider specialty dining on a cruise ship?


One of the many benefits of cruising is that your food is included in your fare.  There is often a wide variety including the buffet, a la carte choices, ice-cream parlours and pizzerias to name a few. 

Whether it be a special occasion or trying some new and different cuisines, have you considered a specialty dining experience on your cruise?

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Some feel they don’t want to spend extra to eat in a specialty restaurant when they’ve already paid for it in their fare.  But here are just a few highlights of the specialty dining options on offer on my recent visit to the Majestic Princess and why I think specialty dining can offer up some amazing value and experiences.

 Majestic Princess has 2 restaurants with Michelin stars;

Harmony – classic Cantonese from Chef Richard Chen


La Mer – A French Bistro by Emmanuel Renaut

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Consider the cost of dining out at a Michelin star restaurant in any city around the world compared to the minimal charge onboard your cruise ship.    You’ve got a deal right there! These restaurants are a lot smaller than some of the other dining options on board so also provide an ideal option  for something smaller and more intimate while experiencing some gastronomic delights

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 If you’re looking for an extra special experience on Majestic Princess, then look no further than The Chefs Table Lumiere.  Depending on the length of cruise, there may only be a couple of nights where this is available.  You can’t pre-book this experience prior cruise so if you want a seat, make sure to book this as soon as you get on-board.  Get a behind the scenes look at the galley, champagne and hors oeuvres and an exceptional dinner created and hosted by the Executive Chef along with selected wines and a signed Princess cookbook.  And you don’t want to miss sitting at the exclusive marble table and amazing Swarovski crystal display

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 Birthdays, anniversaries or milestones – or maybe you just want a new experience, consider a specialty dining option on your next cruise



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