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Ange Dunn

Ange Dunn

Senior Consultant
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Christchurch City

Worldliness is such a magic quality to possess, and I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to travel in all its forms from a very early age. I took my first solo plane journey as a 4 and a half year old sitting up with the Captain, like I was flying the plane! From that first flight experience I began to realize that experiencing new horizons through changing the scenery provides fresh perspectives and encourages self-discovery and growth. How magic! My Psychology and Sociology degree has me fascinated in the way people socialize and think.. what better way to gather data for myself than to go experience the world in all its colors and forms.

I’m a travel expert in…

Europe, the UK and Cruising. I have recently returned to  the land of the long white cloud after 11 years living and working in London, UK. I also spent three years working for one of the largest Cruise Ship Companies in the world – Princess Cruises as a Pursers Officer. I have sailed into some of the most spectacular ports in the world. Canada; Alaska; Hawaii; San Francisco; Panama Canal; Carribean; Australia, NZ and the South Pacific; and then Exotic Cruising through Asia – Japan, Korea, China; and Up to Russia.

My best travelling experience is…
Experiencing the country I am visiting like a local. I find the best way is to include a local guide for a portion of my trip or travelling/staying with a local. I also love being active for a portion of my travel experience. Hiking the 5 villages (Cinque Terre) along the Italian Riviera is a very good example of this. Spectacular scenery, steep challenging tracks, sunshine and good company – earning our Italian vino and lunch at the other end.

I never travel without…
My Music – listening through my bose noise cancelling headphones! Music is everything – it creates the mood and sets the tone for the type of adventure I am about to embark on.