Nicole Knapp

Nicole Knapp

Mobile Travel Specialist
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I have always been interested in other cultures and the idea that we are all living very different lives at the same time.  I studied cultural anthropology at University and afterwards wanted to see the world for myself.  After graduating I found myself in New Zealand, a country full of like-minded people who are keen to get out there and explore!  I have found that each place I visit only enhances my understanding of the world and allows me the opportunity to help others do the same. 

I’m a travel expert in…

…The United States. I am from upstate New York and have travelled extensively throughout America. I have also visited Peru, Argentina, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, The Cook Islands, Canada, France, Morocco, Spain, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Hong Kong, Fiji, China and Thailand. 

My best travelling experience is…
... when I have the opportunity to integrate myself into a culture and really get to know the local people. I have found that volunteer tourism and cycle touring have allowed me the chance to delve deeper into the countries I’ve visited.

I never travel without…
…my noise cancelling headphones! They’re the best investment I’ve ever made to ensure I get enough sleep on the plane, in a noisy hotel room or in a tent.

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